Monday 4 July 2011

Trixie figure now shipping

After a year of planning, my Trixie figure is finally being posted to customers today! Im really happy, as ive wanted to have my own figure for sale for a long time.
She costs £90, with postage being either £5 or £10 depending on wether you live in the UK or elsewhere. A limited run of just 48 are available. I have signed the bases of each figure, and have also signed 2 prints which are included in the box.
You can order from my blog here:

Photos of the figure here:

Also, i have some more prints for sale on InPrnt!


  1. Superb work, I'm so jealous. Must.....wait......till.....payday. How many are left?

  2. Plenty - I think i have 33 left. Thanks though - i appreciate it.

  3. Great work! Do you still have some left?

  4. Andrew these are great. Do you have a link to Ownage in hong kong? I have a project the might be able to help with.
    Any information would be great!


  5. Hi Tom

    As far as im aware, Ownage are still not accepting any work at the moment - theyre really busy and have taken their website down.

  6. Hi Adrew, are still available the Trixie figures?

  7. No, sorry - theyve sold out. Keep an eye out for news on a new figure being announced in the next month or two though!