Sunday 30 December 2018

Siamese Cat Girl WIP

I started a new character!
I never post WIPs on here, but I have a patreon page, and my subscriber count dropped recently, so i'm doing a bit of a sneak peek / advertisement drive to try and get more folks on board, since i dont promote it much!
My productivity (and therefore my Patreon activity) varies depending on how inspired / motivated i am, or how much paid work i have that's sucking up my time, but generally, if you like my art and want to see more behind the scenes stuff, $2 a month gets you access to WIPs and drawings, $5 is for wireframes, quick steps and mini-tutorials, and $15 gets you all the previous stuff, as well as an Etsy store discount and a signed print in the mail every month!

Thursday 20 December 2018

Christmas 2018 - Seasonal Sally

Here's my Christmas pic for 2018, featuring my Sally character all wrapped up warm and cosy! 
Have a great one folks, and thanks for all the continued support. I really appreciate it!
Design / concept by me.