Friday 20 September 2019

Bowsette 2

Personal work
Since the Bowsette phenomenon began a year ago, i've seen so many different versions of her, in many different costumes. When making her in 3D I wasnt sure wether to do the standard princess dress version, or the more revealing leotard / gloves version so.... i did both!
Here's a fiercer, more fetishy Bowsette looking mean in her fiery castle lair!
Again - like last time, the redhead variant is included below.
#Bowsette #クッパ姫

Thursday 19 September 2019


Personal work.
Today is Bowsette's 1st birthday! I'm a little late to be doing a 3D tribute to her, but i still love her!
1 year ago today, a Malaysian artist called Ayyk92 created Bowsette as a silly comic / meme, which grew in popularity. Ive seen so many inspiring takes on her by so many artists, i just had to make my own!

Redhead variant included below.
#bowsette #クッパ姫