Tuesday 17 May 2011

Trixie figure now available for pre-payment.

At long last, my Trixie figures have almost finished production and are now ready for pre-purchasing! Just use the paypal drop-down menu and button at the top of the site to order.

She will be ready to post around the middle / end of June. She costs £90, and postage will be £5 for UK customers, or £10 for customers living elsewhere. There will be 48 figures available to buy in this limited run.

She was casted and hand painted at Ownage in Hong Kong and is made of a mix of polystone and urethane parts to maximise strength. I will personally sign the base of each figure and include a postcard sized print of Trixie.

Its been a long term ambition of mine to get a collectible of my own out there for sale. Im really pleased to see it happening!

There are lots more pictures on the figure my Facebook page. You can see many work in progress images charting the evolution of the prototype last year, through to the final production run.

So... blogs, eh?

Ive always hated the term 'blogger' and found blogs (personal ones, mostly) to be somewhat egotistical.

It wasnt until i realised that nearly all of my bookmarks for my favourite illustrators had the little blogger logo on them that it can be a pretty powerful tool for an artist. This is especially true for me, as im not too hot with web authoring, and I hate over-complicated flash sites that stop people from opening thumbs in a new tab and doing the 'right click / save' thing on them.

Ive been meaning to get my website back online, but i figured making a blogger page is just as good. Annoyingly, i cant have a gallery showing my backlog of work, so it will look quite sparse for now, but i have my CGhub, facebook and CGtalk portfolios for that.