Friday 20 December 2019

Reindeer Rheya

Festive pinup of my character Rheya.
Have a great Christmas, and thanks for all the support in 2019!
I did a simple animation and some alternate poses which you can see below.

PS - this is my last piece of 2019, and most likely my last post on Blogspot. It can be a chore posting new work on multiple platforms at times, and i feel like half of the platforms i post on equates to shouting in a void. Both CGSociety and Blogspot get me a miniscule number of views and no comments whatsoever compared to the high activity i get on Artstation and Facebook, so for 2020, i'm gonna look into a replacement for Blogspot - possibly Twitter.
I'll be posting as usual on Artstation and Facebook anyway - keep an eye on for new 'venues' for my work in the new year!