Tuesday 17 May 2011

So... blogs, eh?

Ive always hated the term 'blogger' and found blogs (personal ones, mostly) to be somewhat egotistical.

It wasnt until i realised that nearly all of my bookmarks for my favourite illustrators had the little blogger logo on them that it can be a pretty powerful tool for an artist. This is especially true for me, as im not too hot with web authoring, and I hate over-complicated flash sites that stop people from opening thumbs in a new tab and doing the 'right click / save' thing on them.

Ive been meaning to get my website back online, but i figured making a blogger page is just as good. Annoyingly, i cant have a gallery showing my backlog of work, so it will look quite sparse for now, but i have my CGhub, facebook and CGtalk portfolios for that.


  1. Just so that you are aware, Wordpress.com lets you add other pages for a gallery and gives you some useful widgets.

  2. Ah - i didnt know that. Im guessing you cant get this gallery app with blogspot then? Lack of gallery functionality is pretty much the only thing stopping me from treating this like my 'proper' website.

  3. Adding other pages on Wordpress isn't an app, its a feature of Wordpress blogs.

  4. Hey there - I've just recently started digging deeper into Blogger and have found that there's a lot of versatility for treating them like portfolios/galleries. I use "pages" as headings at the top that act as galleries on my blog. You can have up to 10 and you find them under the "postings" tab. also there are a number of gadgets like slide show that can link to external galleries like Picassa Web Albums. I have examples of both on my blog - check 'em out! -D

  5. Thanks for the advice! Seems quite good, though the pictures in those galleries dont seem linked to the pictures (with comments) that are posted as blog entries. Still - its good you can show off older work from before the blog was made.

    Ill look into it. Ive also seen good examples of simple websites from wordpress sites, and something called 'jimdo'. Its hard work updating so many sites simultaneously! I always keep my facebook page the most up to date, as i use facebook a lot.
    Still reluctant to committ to this blog, as im not totally happy with it as a personal portfolio type site at the moment. For now, it serves a useful purpose as the host of the Trixie figure ordering button!

  6. Have you already considered using deviantart.com to post your art?