Sunday 30 December 2018

Siamese Cat Girl WIP

I started a new character!
I never post WIPs on here, but I have a patreon page, and my subscriber count dropped recently, so i'm doing a bit of a sneak peek / advertisement drive to try and get more folks on board, since i dont promote it much!
My productivity (and therefore my Patreon activity) varies depending on how inspired / motivated i am, or how much paid work i have that's sucking up my time, but generally, if you like my art and want to see more behind the scenes stuff, $2 a month gets you access to WIPs and drawings, $5 is for wireframes, quick steps and mini-tutorials, and $15 gets you all the previous stuff, as well as an Etsy store discount and a signed print in the mail every month!


  1. Andrew I love your work . Are any of your character available for animation ? Want to use it and give the credit to you

    1. Many of them have basic rigs in them for posing, but i wouldnt want to sell or give away my personal work characters - theyre labours of love.
      If i did do anything people could animate with, i'd make is specifically for that purpose and put it up for sale, but it's unlikely since i'm way more interested in illustration than animation.