Thursday 14 June 2018

Naomi - OL

Personal work.
Meet Naomi! She's a curvy tribute to Japanese gravure idols, AV actresses and pinups.
I have several Japanese themed scenarios / outfits in mind for her, starting with this - the 'OL' (office lady) theme.
Design / concept by me.

PS - this may be my last post here on Blogspot. I just get the impression that i'm posting to a void and no-one is seeing my work here. Not sure if i'll carry on posting my finished pieces, or stop here.
I'll probably try Tumblr and Artstation out anyway!


  1. Not a void! There is at least one person here!
    I have your Blogspot on RSS feed so I see all your amazing stuff :D
    If you did move stop posting here that would be fine, i'll try and get your tumblr or artstation on RSS but I just wanted to know that you're not posting to a void!

  2. Definitely not a void! I do understand if you're not getting enough traction on Blogspot.
    I don't know tumblr all that well but I do use Artstation and I'm pretty sure you'd get more audience interaction there.
    Just let us know please if you do move so we can adjust our rss feeds etc.


  3. Ah, good to see some comments (that arent spam)!
    I really should delve into the mass of options for this page to see what sort of reach i get here. If there's still a decent audience, i might keep it running. It doesnt take much time to update, but i dont wanna spread myself too thin, yknow?
    Thanks for making yourself heard anyhoo!

  4. hello, one of the RSS feed subscriber as well. :) It would be great to see your update in Artstation. Cheers !

  5. Funny thing is I've always been a fan your work but I stumbled upon your blog through pinterest and the first thing I thought of is, "he still uses blogspot?"
    How are you not on Artstation already?

  6. hopefully you read this but i Highly recommend you transition to Artstation. I saw this exact image pop up on my Pinterest feed about 4 days ago and was really impressed with your work. I spent the last 3 days looking for more of your work using google image search (also searched 'naomi AH 2018' because i couldn't find your name anywhere) but had no success. As luck would have it i was browsing google today and i see the same image again, this time attached to your CGSociety account(your work is amazing). I'd just like to say that i agree with the previous post, i was honestly shocked that you were using blog-spot and had no Artstation account, you'll definitely gain traction easily there with quality of your work.

    PS: it would be awesome to see you post WIPS/ speed-sculpts of your work. Maybe in the near future?

    anyways love your work, hope to see you on Artstation.