Monday, 27 January 2014

Penny & Candy 3D prints

I got my Penny & Candy characters 3D printed at Digits2Widgets and painted them myself.
They are around 20cm tall.


  1. Awesome! I dig it! I just did my first 3D print of a character I built, and it's surreal to see something you create digitally come into a tangible format. I hope you keep getting tingles every time you see your stuff printed, because seeing your work here just now brought all those emotions back to me. Super cool, my friend!

  2. Nice work! The Candy one is great.

  3. These are amazing! Could I ask how you went about painting these? What types of paint? etc?

    1. I used Revell Aqua colour paints after applying a base coat. Having painted a figure without a base coat, i can say that its not really needed to be honest. The paints are water based acrylic paints. You can even use standard artist's acrylic paints, but theyre best if you water them down a little. I initially learned everything i know from Shapeways' very useful painting tips: