Sunday 17 July 2011

Belle (part 1)

New character created for a 2-part tutorial for 3D Artist magazine (
The first part is in issue 31 and covers design and modelling.
The issue can be bought from newsagents and online here from 20th of July:


  1. Hello. My name is Javier and i'm from Chile. I just added you to facebook. I was wondering... have you made any tutorial? Could you tell me how to make the kind of material with self illumination shown in And how do you make the blurry background effect and the illumination effect on

    Any help will be deeply appreciated. Thanks and greetings.

  2. Hi Javier. The illuminated material was quite tricky and i spent a long time playing with Vray's shaders. Its a Vray blend material, with a standard vray material colour in the one slot, and a vray light material in the other. I dont know how to recreate such an effect in any other renderer.
    The blurry background effect was done in photoshop. I rendered the image out on a few different layers (character layer & background layer) and overlaid a blurred version of the background to get the subtle focus effect. Hope that helps.

  3. I'm always curious about the turn around time for your characters..
    what was the duration of this project?

    another question I have if I may ask. with the implementation of sculpting applications and retopologizing, do you still find it faster to model the whole character by polygonal techniques???

  4. I cant really give an accurate time of how long it took, because i worked on it a bit at a time, rather than working consecutive regular working days.

    Im quite an old fashioned modeler. Ive started to use Zbrush a bit, but i only really use it for detailing, and occasionally getting the base shape of models edited quickly. I still much prefer to work in max, as i have much more control to ensure i get nice, clean topology. I sometimes get overwhelmed with the subdivision detail when zbrushing and struggle to get a clean, presice result.

  5. hi how do you approach textering the model? what do you do with those juicy occlusion maps?